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People in Balance

In the stressful, fast-paced and emotionally distant world we live in, it is easy for the body to become out of balance. An environment increasingly polluted with toxins, foods depleted of nutrients grown in depleted soils and stored improperly all contribute to the body's inability to eliminate toxins and function optimally, both physically and emotionally. Bringing the body back into balance by restoring healthy nutrition and removing toxins is the first step to health. A traditional naturopath can recommend holistic therapies to aid in restoring that balance.
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Alethea has extensive training and experience in:

* diet
* vitamins and minerals
* herbs
* essential oils
* flower essences
* homeopathy
* manual therapies, including acupressure and massage

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She uses non-invasive therapies like iridology, tongue and pulse assessment to determine areas of imbalance in the body. She will help you design a holistic treatment plan to rebuild the body and restore health.

For more information on Alethea's degrees and certifications, please see Natural Health