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Education and Experience

Alethea Kenney, B.S., Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, Herbalist and Aromatherapist,
D. Vet. Hom.  (Diploma in veterinary homeopathy)

Education and Experience:

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Science from Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

Pre-Med Human Physiology course (graduated highest in class)
Des Moines Area Community College, Des Moines, IA

Certified in Project Wild and Project Learning Tree, teaching tools for children
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, with a concentration in herbology
Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL

International Certification in Aromatherapy
Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, CA

Completed Masters Series in Aromatherapy
Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, CA

Certified in Equine Iridology
Through the Eye International, CA

Certificate in Western Herbalism
Midwest School of Herbal Studies, MN

Diploma in veterinary homeopathy from British Institute of Homeopathy


American Herbalist's Guild
American Botanical Council
National Center for Homeopathy
Herbalists Without Borders
Minnesota Homeopathic Assn.
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Coursework Descriptions:

Purdue: Classes included botany, wildlife management, ornithology, mammalogy, organic chemistry, ecology, forestry, dendrology, silviculture, forest recreation, environmental science, agronomy, higher level math and statistics courses. Independent study on local edible and medicinal plants.

Clayton College of Natural Health: Coursework and independent study on classical homeopathy, including homeopathy for companion animals and livestock, homeopathic principles and philosophy. Independent study on veterinary use of homeopathic for livestock and companion animals. Additional coursework and independent study on iridology, reflexology, acupressure and massage, diet and nutrition of people and animals and how this relates to health and disease.

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy: Chemical composition of essential oils, safe use of essential oils in health applications, including for use in children, elderly, immune compromised, reasons to choose certain oils over others, uses of oils in skin care and cosmetics and use of oils in disease

Midwest School of Herbal Studies: Detailed information on history of herbalism and herbal traditions, physiology, assessment skills, vitamin and mineral needs, herbs and research supporting use of herbs for different diseases and body systems, traditional use of herbs for those conditions

Through the Eye International: Information on using iris assessment in determining imbalances in horses and how each imbalance relates to the 4 elimination channels in the body (kidneys, intestines, skin, lungs)
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Alethea has extensively studied plants, including botany and plant identification and ecology, environmental science and wildlife management at Purdue, including a graduate level course in prairie management. She has experience restoring prairie and related habitats. Her coursework at Purdue included forestry, silviculture, dendrology and forest recreation. Her background in wildlife, ecosystems and plants has enabled her to teach people about how medicinal plants fit into the world and can enrich people's lives. She has 16 years of experience gathering medicinal and edible plants throughout the Midwest and brings this first hand knowledge to her classes. By using herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, people can learn to live healthier lives more in tune with the planet and their own spirituality. She has hands-on experience teaching people through workshops and classes to use herbs and diet to reach and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

She offers iridology exams, a non-invasive study of the iris of the eye as it relates to health. The use of homeopathy to restore balance in the body is another facet of traditional naturopathy that she has studied. She uses classical homeopathy as it relates to both humans and animals. Her studies in reflexology, acupressure and massage give her even more alternative therapies to recommend when working with clients. Her experiences as veterinary assistant, animal control officer, herbalist, traditional naturopath and shepherdess have given her real-life experience in using nutrition to maintain a wide range of animals and seeing the value in natural therapies for returning animals, as well as people, to health.