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Bringing Our Animals Back in Balance

Over much of North America (and the world), soils are becoming depleted due to poor agricultural practices, use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals and overstocking of animals. Herbivores (those animals that eat plants for nutrition) rely on grasses, forbs, brush and trees for their nutritional needs. The plants in turn rely on soils for their mineral needs. By grazing on plants high in particular minerals, herbivores can meet some of their mineral needs but the depleted soils hinder what minerals are available to the plants and thus, the animals. Most farmers now provide some type of mineral supplement to their livestock, hoping that this will compensate for the loss of minerals.

Unfortunately, many mineral supplements on the market today are not balanced correctly for optimal health in herbivores. They may contain artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives and may not even include some important trace minerals.

After many years of searching for a well-balanced, organic mineral supplement, I finally started mixing my own mineral for my sheep, goats, llamas and horses. This did not provide an easy way for other people wanting a similar mineral to have access to a balanced mix so I decided to work with a local custom mineral company to produce a line of bioavailable, natural minerals.

Back in Balance Minerals are available for sheep, goats and horses. The goat mineral would be appropriate for llamas and alpacas.